• No equipment required. You don’t have to buy your own ball, fancy shoes or sport a cool bowling shirt. You just show up and we’ve got everything you need.
  • Great for groups of all sizes. Whether you‘ve got a family reunion or just your best friend in town, bowling suits every occasion. Well, we don’t recommend it for weddings and funerals, but otherwise you’re golden.
  • Bowl no matter your schedule. We offer varied and convenient hours for bowling (kids, leagues, name it).
  • Almost anyone can do it. With the accommodations we offer, most anyone can bowl. We have ramps to help the youngest and oldest in your groups get the balls down the lane, and can even pop up those handy bumpers.
  • A little fun, healthy competition. We can’t encourage big-time betting, but “loser buys the next round” or “does the dishes for a week” competition can be FUN!
  • It reaches across generations. Bowling is a unifying activity. Grandpa will likely get just as excited about his strike as your 5 year old will. Great memories to be had!
  • Sporting great shoes.  Where else do you get to wear freshly sanitized, tricolored beauties? Wear with pride!
  • Eat and drink while playing. How many sports have built in bars and grills for the players, while playing? YUM!
  • More exercise than binge watching TV all day.  Okay, so maybe it’s no the most active sport, but you have to admit it’s healthier than sinking into the couch.
  • Crazy celebrations aren’t just encouraged, they are required!  Dad’s celebration dance might top your best moonwalk, but nothing’s too crazy when you get a strike!


  • Bowling was an outdoor sport before 1840
  • In 1840 the first indoor bowling alley was built in New York
  • the largest bowling alley has 116 lanes
  • If you cross the foul line but do not release the ball, it’s not a foul.
  • The maximum weight of a bowling ball is 16 lbs
  • A bowling lane is 41.5″ wide
  • Most recorded strikes in a row is 47
  • When you throw a perfect strike the ball only contacts 4 pins
  • A bowling lane is 60′ from the foul line to the headpin
  • Bowling pins are set 12″ apart
  • A bowling pin is 15″  tall
  • The rarest game score in bowling is 292
  • There are 39 boards in the width of a bowling lane